Radu Găleșanu

CEO & Founder - Softmedia CTS

    • D.O.B :
    • 02 / 03 / 1976
    • PHONE :
    • ADDRESS :
    • Aurel Vlaicu 130, Bucharest, Romania.
    • E-MAIL :

Started my software development adventure back in the '80s, writing Basic and assembly code for the Z80. Then, continued for 4 years through high school, learning advanced algorithms and data structures and gaining deep knowledge of Pascal, C and Prolog. Added 5 more years of top-notch education in the most prestigious Computer Science University of Bucharest. Probed and polished my skills for 9 years in the high-volume e-commerce industry, mastering Java, Perl, PHP, shell scripting, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache and an impressively high technology stack, from system administration to customer and frontend engineering. Spiced the software development education with a degree in sound and video editing. For 12 years, engaged in a thrilling journey through the freelancing business. Encountered different personalities, different cultures, different challenges, different technologies. If you're serious about building a product, I can get it right for you.